Kraĭteum is a small region by the seacoast, the most southeastern corner of the Baronies of Alahan. The sea washes the jagged cliffs of a hilly coastline, interrupted only by the delta of the River Drune (named after the old tribe of barbarians that inhabited these lands). The hills north of the delta appear to have cracked and split along a straight line and crumbled into the sea – cut in half and sank by the frost giant Greignir in a battle with a sea monster as told by the old fisherman’s widow in the village of Greenhill.
Atop the cliffs stands Castle Grimfrost, home to the lord of the region. Some call it a fort due to its simplicity as seen from the land but those who have been within its walls know it is much too great to be anything but a castle – although its architect clearly prioritised functionality over looks.
The rocky plains to the west  and the forests to the north lay lower granting the castle excellent view over the land. From the highest tower one can see all the way to the Behemoth Mountains on a clear day – or so they say.
Back down at the river delta a small port town and a fishing village greet those arriving by sea. Unfortunately the muddy ground and bone chilling winds make them much less appealing than the settlements further inland, preventing any real development.
A couple of hours’ ride on the wide and well used dirt road along the river takes travellers to Forkton – a large trading town nestled in the fork of River Drune and the Cold River. By far the largest settlement in the area, Forkton is the beating heart of the region. Merchants, craftsmen and artisans sell their wares from shops along the cobbled streets. Trade routes to the North and Northwest all come through Forkton making the town an ideal meeting point for seafarers and inland traders. The small villages and hamlets scattered about also rely on selling their wares and buying supplies at the town’s market.
Most of the fertile lands suited for farming lay west of the rivers although there are some small settlements making their living from the great forests stretching to the north.
To the south the lands and hills belong to the Drune tribes. Drunes are hardy nomads living in huts made of timber and hide. Too proud to give up their ancient traditions they watch other peoples around them progress while their forests and hunting grounds shrink generation after generation. With their livelihood in danger Drunes eventually started trading and they are now a welcome sight at the markets of Forkton, along with their excellent quality animal hides, bone and leather tools, trinkets and other handcrafts.

Peoples of the region
Humans | Drunes | Halflings | Half-elves

Known personalities
Lord Grimfrost

Places of interest
Castle Grimfrost | Forkton
| Greenhill | Finchale | Burrow Hill


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