The Baronies of Alahan

Although only three of the eight regions of Alahan are baronies, it came to be known and accepted this way and the people of all its regions proudly regard themselves as 'Barhan'. The Baronies were united during the Great War by Baron Arslan Giolladhe Alahan, then ruler of Algerande. They have been in undisturbed and undisputed alliance ever since even though the Alahan dynasty was wiped out in the war and there has been no common ruler since. Each region is governed by its own Baron, Prince, Lord or Count – whatever title they please to bear. Any decisions affecting several regions are taken by the council of all seven rulers in the city of Algerande – which is still regarded as the capitol of the Baronies. Out of respect for the Alahan family and their sacrifice the Baronies kept their name and Arslan's coat of arms of the golden lion as their shared banner.

In modern days the Baronies is a reasonably peaceful place and it's rich lands and fair laws have attracted people from all over Aasterah. It is mostly populated by Humans and Elves although just about every other race and nation is represented in larger towns and cities. Orcs and Half-Orcs are a common sight in the Norht-West, Lycans in the South-West; Halflings live in large communities throughout the countryside; Dwarf and Gnome craftsmen and artisans are respected in all regions.

List of regions
Algerande | Doriman | Kallienne | Ylliar
Laverne | Daneran | Krań≠teum


Other kingdoms


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