The Heirless Throne


Ambush on the forest road

The adventurers happen upon an ambush around the bend on the forest road on their way to the town of Forkton. A small single horse wagon surrounded by three armed men is being attacked by a group of robbers. After defeating some and scaring away the rest Nux realizes that one of the attackers (now dead) was a member of the group of outlaws he grew up with. The wagon contains a large sealed metal chest that reportedly belongs to Lord Walmorn Ebonclaw, for whom the three swordsmen work. Their leader introduces himself as Captain Kelian Durak. As a means of saying thank you they offer the party accommodation for the night in Forkton and dinner with their master.<o:p></o:p>

The house is lavishly decorated with treasures and trinket Walmorn amassed during his life. Every room tells a story of a different adventure, a different land and culture. Magic can be detected in every corner. The house has a room that is magically sealed full of items and relics of evil and boasts several rooms turned to libraries.<o:p></o:p>

During the dinner their host talks about old adventures and answers the characters’ questions to a point. After a while the conversation steers to his late company and companions. The retired hero explains that his faith was misplaced in his old companion and assassin of their company, Eorith, a renegade drow. He tells vague stories about Eorith killing their 3 sons in hunger for power – the remains of the last having been just returned to him in the very chest the adventurers protected. He further expresses his suspicion that Eorith made a pact with some demonic entity and aspires to destroy him in a foul ritual which may be a threat to all of Kraiteum. The party retires on that gloomy note but by morning they find the old dragonborn in great spirits, having spent the night making plans. He offers the adventurers his mentoring and support in exchange for their help in defeating Eorith.


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