The Heirless Throne

Goblin Problem

To prove their worth the adventurers have to investigate and resolve a small matter. Some of the villages in the southwest of the region have been raided by a clan of goblins several times in recent weeks. Normally goblins would not be so bold as to attack a village so this is surprising and needs more than just a few hired swords to discourage the raiders, hence the need for the party.
Villages around: Finchale, Ottery, Wenlock and Hyndon
Upon investigating the party finds that the goblins likely raid the villages via tunnels, dug by giant spiders or occurring naturally in the hills. These tunnels are too small for humans or humanoid races to use but the squishy little goblins widened them just enough so they can easily move through them. There are 3 main entry points, one from the nearby forest (dug by spiders), one in the woods between the villages (dug by spiders) and one in the hills to the south (naturally occurring but widened by the goblins). The adventurers quickly came up with a plan and – with help from the villagers and the militia – they blocked 2 of the 3 entry points. Their ambush was discovered by the goblins which threw the plans off trajectory and yet another raid was underway. This time however the raiders were forced to escape without using their tunnels meaning they left tracks leading back to their village.

The raid: After Nux and Pelenor finished scouting out the Goblins’ camp they rejoined Telcontar and Alberich in the Village of Ottery to work up a plan. As the goblins seem to have been celebrating their successful raid and enjoying their plunder the adventurers thought it best to attack at dawn, when (presumably) most of the goblins would be sleeping it off. The village leaders and the militia captain were consulted but did not seem to have much faith in the new plan. On their way back the party checked in on the inn, in hope of finding some helpful hands. Some of the villagers seemed to be happy to lend a helping hand – after a couple of pints of encouragement. All possible preparations done, everyone retired for the night.
Waking well before the sky started to turn to light Telcontar decided that only with the blessings of the Gods can they be victorious and so began a ritual of unknown duration. In the meantime Alberich, Nux and Pelenor set off in the company of two militia volunteers, Rorth and Boger.
Approaching the goblin camp in the foot of the rocky hills, surrounded by a makeshift wall of planks, tree trunks, branches and various object of plunder, the party was happy to discover that it was indeed devoid of life bar a half-asleep guard in a lookout and a lowly apprentice type tending what appeared to be a huge dead tree in the middle of the hodgepodge settlement. Pelenor decided to bluff his way into the village causing a distraction while the rest of the party scales the wall. The plan almost worked but for a minor detail; the suspected magic tree was alas no magic tree at all and the con was discovered prematurely. Mounting a full frontal attack as plan B, both the heroes and the two villagers fought bravely and managed to breach the wall. Alberich struggled to find a grip on the sneaky little buggers and was eventually overrun. Bleeding from more tiny stab wounds than he could count he fell in the dirt. The siege was about to fail when Nux turned the table by landing a few shots with surgical precision. Alberich awoke with visions of turtles and elephants and started hacking the goblins with mad rage. The defenders suddenly lost their advantage and the remaining Goblins dispersed. It was no time to rest yet, however, a new champion arose from the ranks of the goblins attempting to re-take the camp through the network of tunnels. The uprising was short lived and with Poog the Invincible gone and half the camp in flames the battle was truly won.
The adventurers decided to ignore the giant toad crawling out from under the tree and return to the village to recover instead of pressing on further into the caverns.

Ambush on the forest road

The adventurers happen upon an ambush around the bend on the forest road on their way to the town of Forkton. A small single horse wagon surrounded by three armed men is being attacked by a group of robbers. After defeating some and scaring away the rest Nux realizes that one of the attackers (now dead) was a member of the group of outlaws he grew up with. The wagon contains a large sealed metal chest that reportedly belongs to Lord Walmorn Ebonclaw, for whom the three swordsmen work. Their leader introduces himself as Captain Kelian Durak. As a means of saying thank you they offer the party accommodation for the night in Forkton and dinner with their master.<o:p></o:p>

The house is lavishly decorated with treasures and trinket Walmorn amassed during his life. Every room tells a story of a different adventure, a different land and culture. Magic can be detected in every corner. The house has a room that is magically sealed full of items and relics of evil and boasts several rooms turned to libraries.<o:p></o:p>

During the dinner their host talks about old adventures and answers the characters’ questions to a point. After a while the conversation steers to his late company and companions. The retired hero explains that his faith was misplaced in his old companion and assassin of their company, Eorith, a renegade drow. He tells vague stories about Eorith killing their 3 sons in hunger for power – the remains of the last having been just returned to him in the very chest the adventurers protected. He further expresses his suspicion that Eorith made a pact with some demonic entity and aspires to destroy him in a foul ritual which may be a threat to all of Kraiteum. The party retires on that gloomy note but by morning they find the old dragonborn in great spirits, having spent the night making plans. He offers the adventurers his mentoring and support in exchange for their help in defeating Eorith.


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