Welcome to The Heirless Throne. This is my group's current D&D 5th edition campaign. I took many ideas from other authors, books, movies and games, intentionally or subconsciously. As a big fan of old Rackham the setting started out on much of what I remember of Aarklash. I borrowed a fair bit from Michael Prescott (Trilemma Adventures), Paizo, Wrath of Kings (CoolMiniOrNot) and Wizards of the Coast. I am in no way affiliated with these authors and companies and hold no claim over their copyrighted material. Some of the NPCs are characters from my old games who I felt deserved more than to lay forgotten in the pile of incomplete storylines and TPKs.

If you are reading this please bear in mind that this is a work-in-progress live campaign; things change, evolve or disappear as our story progresses. This page only exists to keep track of things for ourselves, not as a means of publication.

Nevertheless, read on if you are interested, I hope you enjoy the story and the world we are building as much as we enjoy playing the game.


Enter the world of Aasterah

The Heirless Throne